In this episode of the Smile. This Is Light Work Podcast, I get to chat to psychic healer Carly Faye about how you can start to see angels and ascended masters. 

What do angels look like and how can you start to connect with angels? 

Carly talks you through how you can begin to recognise them, offers you three examples of angels to connect with if you’re going through a spiritual awakening and gives you a beautiful guided meditation so that you can start to feel their energy. Carly also gives you advice on how to recognise certain ascended masters.   

To connect with Carly, please visit: 

 “I tune into all aspects of my clients, body mind and spirit, going into the deepest core of the issue. This is done with the help of the spiritual realm, your guides and angels will assist me in clearing anything that is holding you back, giving you gentle guidance to navigate you on your path. During a healing session I use many methods of healing including Reiki, spiritual and angelic healing. I psychically tune in and read the energy of you and those in your life sending healing to the energies brought into a session. This can include clearing past lives, cutting cords and releasing any lower energies that have become attached. All of this is done with deepest compassion. Connecting people to their guides and angels is very important to me. I want people to understand that they are never alone, there is a host of helpers in spirit waiting to be invited in to help and steer you in the best direction in your life for the evolution of your soul.” Carly Faye.  

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